Blur textures for badges

Hello, I would like to share with you some special blur textures, this is my new experiment with photoshop textures. Good for badges, or photo texture layer effects. I used designbolts badges for the preview. Enjoy

blur-texture-for-badges-12 blur-texture-for-badges-11 blur-texture-for-badges-10 blur-texture-for-badges-09 blur-texture-for-badges-08 blur-texture-for-badges-07 blur-texture-for-badges-06 blur-texture-for-badges-05 blur-texture-for-badges-04 blur-texture-for-badges-03 blur-texture-for-badges-02 blur-texture-for-badges-01

About the author : Szabolcs

Hello, my name is Szabolcs, I'm living in Hungary. My passion is to make quality textures, and make designs, and share with you.

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