Colorized asphalt textures for artwork

Today I made some premium asphalt texture. After make some Photoshop effects. Good background for for your next artwork. What do you think about?  Szabolcs


asphalt-texture-texturepalace-1 asphalt-texture-texturepalace-10 asphalt-texture-texturepalace-11 asphalt-texture-texturepalace-12 asphalt-texture-texturepalace-13 asphalt-texture-texturepalace-14 asphalt-texture-texturepalace-2 asphalt-texture-texturepalace-3 asphalt-texture-texturepalace-4 asphalt-texture-texturepalace-5 asphalt-texture-texturepalace-6 asphalt-texture-texturepalace-7 asphalt-texture-texturepalace-8 asphalt-texture-texturepalace-9

About the author : Szabolcs

Hello, my name is Szabolcs, I'm living in Hungary. My passion is to make quality textures, and make designs, and share with you.

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