Stone texture,high res texture

Download stone texture

Description:stone texture
Tags: stone,texture
License:Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

About the author : Szabolcs

Hello, my name is Szabolcs, I'm living in Hungary. My passion is to make quality textures, and make designs, and share with you.

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  • Lukasz

    I’d like to use this texture to make graphics for my indie COMMERCIAL game. So can I use it or not because the license is a little confusing?

  • texturepalace

    Hi, Lukasz, yes you can absolutely! Please follow our Facebook club. – Szabolcs

  • Lukasz

     ok, but what are the terms I have to recpect then? Is it enough if I mention your site in credits ?

  • texturepalace

     Hi Lukasz, yes enough Thx to use.