Portfolio from the XV.-XVI.century

I found a really special gift for you! Do you thought the design portfolio is a modern science?  This one came from about  the XV.-XVI. century. Some logo:) (crest), and typographic design, I don’t know the name of the master, but anyway it will a good inspiration, or resource. All textures high quality.


About the author : Szabolcs

Hello, my name is Szabolcs, I'm living in Hungary. My passion is to make quality textures, and make designs, and share with you.

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  • Wow, beautiful!!

  • Su Hall

    These are neat!  They sure did things a lot more fancy, eh?  I like it!


  • texturepalace

     Thx Sun!!

  • texturepalace

     Hi Su Hall welcome here! I think so:):)

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