I keep searching in the web to find great textures, and found Jerry profile he is an artist, I think this texture set is extremly cool. He shared us lot’s of texture. Papers, vintage sets, free for work textures. You can thank’s for him these cool textures.

Notaclue 3Notaclue 4SmogAged SignMarble SlabThe WallClouded ThoughtsBiblical CloudsVintage 3Vintage 2Vintage 1Faux PaperFaux MarbleGoldenYearsBlurred VisionRusticOf Corpse NotAborigineGhost MatterWhisperFlower PowerRock of AgesHaunted By GhostsSulfurEntropySeattleTypeThingNew TestamentOld TestamentUnknown SpeciesRustic ChaosBruised EgoInto The Frying PanThem BluesAged FrameGreen With EnvyRust Never SleepsFrankensteinSmokePuff CloudsBone PaperAged WoodLichenRock FaceClassic RockStoned AgainStonedPaperRustikSoftenedFauxParchedLiteParchedelicParchedPaintedWallOldPaper2NightFauxOldPaperGanglyGreenFadedGloryGrayMatterHeadStonePrehistoricB/W FoundationPastel CloudsBone MatterThen The Blue CameLater That DayOn The First DaySchizoidStoneAgeGrayPaintFrostBiteTaken 4 GraniteWhat the FauxRaised SplatterOld AgeRaise-n-HellChaos 1Chaos 2Chaos 3Canvas 1Grunge 1Midlife CrisisBook Cover  11Book Cover  10Book Cover  9Book Cover  8Book Cover  7Book Cover  6Book Cover  5Book Cover  4Book Cover  3Book Cover  2Book Cover 1Dirty ThoughtsSoft-n-GrayMoldBrownesqueAgedFunkCallitwhatuwant ...........Aged PosterFaux Frame in B minor

Hello, my name is Sab. My passion is to make quality textures, and make designs, and share with you.

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