Hello I would like to show Ellenvd’s great textures. These are high quality and amazing works. Thank’s for here again!  She’s hobbies are: drawing, painting, music and photography. Don’t forget to say hello her, and share your work (if you can). I found a postcard in her textures it’s a special for me, because there is my mother language : Levelez? Lap:) Ohh and don’t forget to like our facebook club:)


Hello, my name is Szabolcs. My passion is to make quality textures, and make designs, and share with you.


  1. Hello Grim, Click to the image, in the flick page right side you can find 3 circle (more actions). Download/All sizes there you can. I hope it was useful.

  2. Hello wndrr! Thx for the feedback, I saw the pictures from your game it will cool. Köszönöm:)

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