It’s a fine day to introduce to you, one of my friend gaabboo vintage texture frame set, she love’s to collect vintage photos (I would like to thank’s for it!). I decided to make 30 pieces frame set. I realized, with these what a wonderful old feeling photo could I make. I made a sample with one of them, the above one picture: he is a friend of mine Hollo, and the bottom one is my Wife, hope he will like it:) (I know’s she love:)). So I shared with you.  The frame’s  good for web develop, or vintage style design, or everything what you want. You can download them zipped. The frames free for work. Please if you use give a like in this page, and the TexturePalace facebook club. Thx -Szabolcs



Hello, my name is Sab. My passion is to make quality textures, and make designs, and share with you.

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