Hello I would like to show you these FREE textures from NinianLif. She is a texture addict, like me:)

By day, I’m a digital media designer. But whenever I get the chance, I love taking pics. These days, I absolutely love playing with my iPhone and apps like Hipstamatic and Instagram… so much so that I rarely use my ‘real’ camera anymore! I love toy cameras, but can’t afford the film and processing, so the iPhone is a fab substitute.

free-textures-by-bea-pierce-1 free-textures-by-bea-pierce-2 free-textures-by-bea-pierce-3 free-textures-by-bea-pierce-4 free-textures-by-bea-pierce-5 free-textures-by-bea-pierce-6 free-textures-by-bea-pierce-7 free-textures-by-bea-pierce-8


Hello, my name is Sab. My passion is to make quality textures, and make designs, and share with you.

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