Guest textures from Dietmar: He is an amateur photographer living in Sydney. My photographs reflect what I enjoy – nature, cities, beaches, waves, plants, little critters, big critters, Sydney, the New South Wales south coast, Tasmania (that strange but fascinating outlier on the fringe of the Australian continent), Australia’s red interior, geology, dogs, the odd cat (from a distance), and anything unusual I come across while travelling.

Alice Springs, Trilobite tracksAlice Springs, Stokes Formation ooliteAlice Springs, sedimentary rock artAlice Springs, sedimentary rock artAlice Springs, sedimentary rock artAlice Springs, Pacoota SandstoneAlice Springs sedimentary layersGravestone TextureGravestone TextureGravestone TextureSandstone TextureSandstone TextureSandstone Textureweathered basalt texturePerkins Beach sandCallan Park – sandstone with lichenWeathered sandstone textureWeathered sandstone textureWeathered sandstone textureWeathered sandstone textureKurnell Sandstone – cross beddingKurnell SandstoneKurnell Sandstone – cross beddingBenthosCut OpalOpal and Earth coloursSome color in opalBoulder opalRock artBoulder opalLarvikiteSandstone jointsCracked stripesconcrete textureBottom view of the Isar RiverCaught in a netCrazy marbleweathered granite textureCoarse sand at Bird Rocksandstone

Hello, my name is Sab. My passion is to make quality textures, and make designs, and share with you.

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