Textures with black color

Hi there, some dreamy inspired texture, it’s good for background textures, or some photo filter, for example what i made with my retro style photo what I made with my Yashicha Mat 124G :). Download files in the bottom of the page. Enjoy Download: Filesize – Downloaded times

Okey here it is, 9 full custom texture for your design project. It’s also great for mockups, and font designers.  It will awesome for your work, our your blog page to. Love it? I do. You can download as a pack if you support as with your like.

Jeremy Gibbs – RomanyWG he is an UK based Urban Exploring and Street Artist, Photographer. Now I would like to show his textures. I always try to find Free Culture Stuff and want to say a big thank’s for it. You can read a good interview with him in CFYE. I take only pictures in abandoned buildings. I have had 3 books published on this subject. ‘Beauty in Decay l & ll’ covering abandoned buildings…

Hello there, this is the first tileable texture pack here,  I hope you will like it. All of them free of course, you are honored us with your post. So don’t hesitate share it here. You can see the sample files above there, and  the bottom you can find the download link with the patterns. – You can find us on  facebook too with more gift textures. Asphalt  Vintage Red Vintage Black Paper Cells

I was made some exprerience nowadays with a bottle  some water, some ink. I realized what an amazed structures outlinded from that. Like an organism from outer space. Absolutely not an earthly being, but lovely colorful, and airy. I have seen today the Prometheus trailler (I think I will see it), and this ink pack remind me somehow that. Please if you like and use it follow our facebook club, or twitter. You can use it as…

Vintage old house – with 7 high resolution texture Hello there, I would like to share with you my next journey. At that time I was in Ómassa that is a litlle village in the Bükk hill. Lot’s of tree, quiet place, with a mountain stream. And there, I  found an old vintage house, I thought of you texture loveres. Must be there good textures, yes there was a nice green metal texture, and blue…