Textures with yellow color

I would like to show you Marcu Ioachim 45 cracked wall textures, these textures are public domain. The pictures are taken with Nikon D 3100. He is living in Romania and taking great textures and share it on the flickr. 

Hi! Lot’s of people asked me what kind of accessory I use? I have an old Canon DSLR Eos350D, and a Nikon DSLR 5200D, and also use my Canon scanner CanoScan 9000F Mark II. I started a new accessory my cellphone. Why I choose it? Because I regularly go running, and I see great textures, the DSLR is so heavy to bring with me:) So I will post some textures with my phone. I tested…

Hello there, here some new stuff for grunge texture lovers, 7 great yellow number. I made some really cool 7 Asphalt Numbers – Free Photoshop Brush for You in with these grunge numbers.

Hello I would like to show Ellenvd’s great textures. These are high quality and amazing works. Thank’s for here again!  She’s hobbies are: drawing, painting, music and photography. Don’t forget to say hello her, and share your work (if you can). I found a postcard in her textures it’s a special for me, because there is my mother language : Levelez? Lap:) Ohh and don’t forget to like our facebook club:)

Today texture pack is a special texture mix from Farah Dabbous freelance graphic designer, and amateur photographer who live and work in Beirut – Lebanon. She donate us a 9 texture amazing High Resolution texture collection. Thank’s again the valuable and beautiful texture set! Morocco, a rich combination of colors, materials, and origins. Ethnic textures and patterns are everyone, in the old souks, on the roads, the houses… A fusion of Islamic and tribal art. -…

Last weekend I was on a relaxing, and wine tasting excursion with my family members in Eger. This city famous for the wines and the thermal baths (We was there too:)). Of course I made some new textures for you. All of them High quality. Please if you use, or like them follow our facebook club. Thx  – Szabolcs

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