Are you looking for cool but free textures? Here in you can find it. All of the textures are free for work resources. This texture pack contain 22 metal texture for your creative design work, the size of the textures are 3500px width.  Szabolcs

Hello friends, new friends, texture lovers. I would like to share with you these absolute cool painted metal textures. Something is end, but there is a new beginning. Never too late to make your dream’s come true. If you would be a professional something, maybe a designer, 3D artist or have some fun in 2014. I agree with these new textures, so keep working every day. I know it’s sometime hard, but you on a…

Here is the new year, and this is the first post, so I would like to wish you all the best. In this post you can find 14 HQ grunge metal texture with lot’s of colours. In 2013 I will be redesign a little the the concept will be the same Free and HQ textures. My slogen in 2013 – keep workin and never give up! So listen this while download:)

Vintage old house – with 7 high resolution texture Hello there, I would like to share with you my next journey. At that time I was in Ómassa that is a litlle village in the Bükk hill. Lot’s of tree, quiet place, with a mountain stream. And there, I  found an old vintage house, I thought of you texture loveres. Must be there good textures, yes there was a nice green metal texture, and blue…