Textures with red color

Hello, this is my set of colored fabric close-up texture, it’s nice to use for your photo layer for your artistic project. Feel free to use it, and if you like it don’t forget to follow this site to be informed about the new textures what i upload  exclusively here for you. You can download the texture pack in this page if you scroll down. Download: Filesize – Downloaded times

Deep Inside texture set, some kind of texture poem, feelings without words. When you see the textures, every texture generate different feelings, this is what a graphic designer search when try to collect texture for the design work. Like a poem try to search word >> we try to search image, texture I think:) All of them free for work texture, you can download and use it for your photoshop work. You can download as…

Welcome here guys, February and now new textures coming that will Shock You(I think:)). Attention EXTREM size textures may crash your computer if you have not enough ram, and CPU speed:) It’s Real…The bigges one is 453 Megapixel size!!! So I think you will be love it. Please don’t hesitate to share, and like our facebook page, or tweet it. You can download the 8 file (613MB) if you free subscribe us.

Hello there texture lovers, I would like to share with you my next new high quality texture set “Freedom and love – Szabadság Szerelem” today this is most important more than ever.  These illlustration great for vector base design. Only limit is the imagination:) Please share the link what you have done with these, I love seeing it! Cheers and don’t forget: Freedome and Love! – Szabolcs


I was made some exprerience nowadays with a bottle  some water, some ink. I realized what an amazed structures outlinded…

Today, I would like to share with you 4 of my favourite oil paint textures. I love working with all kind of stuff, these colors are great.. lot’s of live an movin’. From blue to yellow… irregular cavalcade of color.  The textures are great 3400*2300 fine to use  for any design work.  I uploaded it separetly and you can download it with Zip pack too. If you like please follow the texturepalace new facebook club. Enjoy…


Download grunge texture with red color, and some white cracked paper. Free for work download. Please share and follow us.…

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