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The Book of Crest from the XVI. century, I scanned a really impressed portfolio.  Many years later in 2014 I would like to share with you this amazing work. Earlier I shared some pages with great success, but now I uploaded it all. The TexturePalace is a HighQuality texture, and inspiration resource blog, this is my gift for you. Beautiful hand painted colorfull crests with armors, helmets,contemporary clothing, animals, horses, and wonderful writing. We dont…

Hello there, today before work I made some texture for you, all of them free for work and high quality. You can download as pack, if you subscribe us free the pack size is 127MB. Szabolcs

Grunge, wall design with face texture, free for photoshop. The texture size is: 3456px*2304px. Please follow us. Download: [download_data id=”9585″ data=”title”] Filesize – [download_data id=”9585″ data=”filesize”] Downloaded [download_data id=”9585″ data=”download_count”] times

This is a graffiti inspiration painted wall stock photo. The photo size is: 3456px*2304px. Please follow us. Download: [download_data id=”9563″ data=”title”] Filesize – [download_data id=”9563″ data=”filesize”] Downloaded [download_data id=”9563″ data=”download_count”] times

Sawdust on snow texture for creative design works, this is a free for work texture. Download: [download_data id=”9203″ data=”title”] Filesize – [download_data id=”9203″ data=”filesize”] Downloaded [download_data id=”9203″ data=”download_count”] times

Download free for work texture – Carving art wood texture for inspiration. Download: [download_data id=”9166″ data=”title”] Filesize – [download_data id=”9166″ data=”filesize”] Downloaded [download_data id=”9166″ data=”download_count”] times


Download – Fine art wood texture for inspiration, photoshop design works. Download: [download_data id=”9163″ data=”title”] Filesize – [download_data id=”9163″ data=”filesize”]…

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