10 Various Texture 10 Cracked Ground Texture 28 quality size paper book cover texture from the past

Are you hunger for the new textures? Aqueous Sun aka Steve shared his beautiful textures. Steve is living in England and he is a professional photographer. You can find him on 500px  and he has a blog too. In this article you can find 60 selected HQ texture from his artwork. I think they are amazing… You may use this image freely in your own non-commercial work. 

I would like to share with you these great textures, from Antón Osolev he shared these textures in here online portfolio. He said if you use these textures please show it to him, so don’t hesitate make beautiful artwork’s and share it with him. “Esta textura es de libre uso. Solamente ruego a todo aquel que la utilice me acredite y me muestre el resultado de su obra en un comentario justo aquí debajo, pues…

Hi there, I made some new ground HQ texture. I uploaded a preview  where I made the pictures. It’ our local lake mine, where we used to refresh ourselves in hot days. This is the smallest one, best for textures, but not for swim:) View Larger Map

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