Hi, here is the new texture set, I scanned it yesterday: 52 premium book covers, and papers, all of them quality good for design resource, inspiration. Great initials, and old letter types, vintage papers, leather book covers. Please feel free to follow, and write a comment. Szabolcs

Do you like premium stuff? Me too, but often hard to find the best place where you found the correct licensed textures, and if it is free the quality sometimes not as you wish. Here I made premium textures and share with you, TexturePalace.com is that place where you can use all of the textures free for work. Only one thing if I ask, share if you can, and follow me on facebook, twitter or Google…

Hello today set is a great vintage paper texture set for you all of them free for work, and good startpoint for photoshop design work (make brush, pattern). I really like these kind of vintage colorful papers. Use it as you wish, if you want to download as a pack please subscribe us free. Szabolcs

Welcome here guys, February and now new textures coming that will Shock You(I think:)). Attention EXTREM size textures may crash your computer if you have not enough ram, and CPU speed:) It’s Real…The bigges one is 453 Megapixel size!!! So I think you will be love it. Please don’t hesitate to share, and like our facebook page, or tweet it. You can download the 8 file (613MB) if you free subscribe us.

Hello here, now I would like to share a next great vintage texture set. Extremly high resolution, and quality stuff, I scanned it yesterday,  it is a family memory from my Grandfather, and my mother’s godmother. I think here is the best place for these great textures, the oldest money was used in the the First World War. I hope you will be use it for your next design work.  – Szabolcs

Hello there texture lovers, I would like to share with you my next new high quality texture set “Freedom and love – Szabadság Szerelem”…

Dear facebook followers, and texture lovers, I would like to share with you my next exclusive texture set. Today a great incunabulum texture set, from the 15 century. I think it will good extraordinary resource. Of course all of them high quality texture.

21 Vintage book high quality texture from TexturePalace Hi  there, only here, you can’t find all over the web these high quality textures. I…

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