Hi, here is the new texture set, I scanned it yesterday: 52 premium book covers, and papers, all of them quality good for design resource, inspiration. Great initials, and old letter types, vintage papers, leather book covers. Please feel free to follow, and write a comment. Szabolcs

Do you like premium stuff? Me too, but often hard to find the best place where you found the correct licensed textures, and if it is free the quality sometimes not as you wish. Here I made premium textures and share with you, TexturePalace.com is that place where you can use all of the textures free for work. Only one thing if I ask, share if you can, and follow me on facebook, twitter or Google…

Hello I would like to show these great vintage paper textures from Dustin Schmieding he is a web designer, front-end developer, & digital artist from Massachusetts. He says: I believe in texture as its own art form. I love to continuously push myself and the way I work with the medium.

Hello I would like to show you these FREE textures from NinianLif. She is a texture addict, like me:) By day, I’m a digital media designer. But whenever I get the chance, I love taking pics. These days, I absolutely love playing with my iPhone and apps like Hipstamatic and Instagram… so much so that I rarely use my ‘real’ camera anymore! I love toy cameras, but can’t afford the film and processing, so the…

Hi guys, Evelina shared with us a great manual paper set, these are free for personal use. Thx for her! Download: Filesize – Downloaded times

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