This is the second series about the door closeup textures, you can find the Series #1 here. A Closeup Look at Grunge Garage Door Surfaces and High-Quality Textures. In this post, we dive into the captivating world of textures, focusing on the rugged allure of painted rusty metal. From the intricate details of a brown metal texture to the artistic charm of a black painted wall (in closeup), join us as we unravel the essence…

Hello guys, here it is my set of 6 great quality wall texture with my DSLR the textures are CreativeCommons license also, as you know, and free download here, and from Flickr too. Like it use it. Please follow us everywhere. Szabolcs from TexturePalalace.com

16 Mixed texture, with wall, rusty metal, asphalt, wood textures free download from flickr. The textures made with my phone (12megapixel size). These textures are also creativecommons license.

Dear texture lovers, here is my 17 Wall texture set for PS, with nice colored, cracked walls. Great inspiration for your creative design work. I hope u find here the best one. Please follow, and like. The textures 12 megapixel sizes with creativecommons license.

Hello, here is my November 1 texture set the 9 Wall texture. The textures 12 megapixel sizes with creativecommons license.

9 Brown Ground texture with my Nikon DSLR, good for photomanipulation, or color layer for your photos to looks like vintage. The textures with CreativeCommons License. Please follow, and like TexturePalace:)

9 Brown Ground Texture for Photoshop, I made this with my dslr. Lovely textures for photo manipulation, or photo filter, or for your background…

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