11 Great texture for inspiration. Stone textures, what I made in Rhodes Island with my DSLR. Old Typo, mosaic, great colors, for your photo manipulation, or your computer background. I hope you like these textures. Please dont forget to follow us. Szabolcs

I made some amazing textures in an old uninhabited house, really good for vintage playground. The light switch is a real gem:) If you a game developer, this is a good inspiration resource. You can find the download file in the bottom of the page. Enjoy:) Szabolcs

Hi there, some dreamy inspired texture, it’s good for background textures, or some photo filter, for example what i made with my retro style photo what I made with my Yashicha Mat 124G :). Download files in the bottom of the page. Enjoy Download: Filesize – Downloaded times

Hello there, here are  these premium colorized wall textures, great for your next mockup, or design work. Download: Filesize – Downloaded times

The Book of Crest from the XVI. century, I scanned a really impressed portfolio.  Many years later in 2014 I would like to share with you this amazing work. Earlier I shared some pages with great success, but now I uploaded it all. The TexturePalace is a HighQuality texture, and inspiration resource blog, this is my gift for you. Beautiful hand painted colorfull crests with armors, helmets,contemporary clothing, animals, horses, and wonderful writing. We dont…