Hello, Guys, followes. I’m Szabolcs, from TexturePalace.com – the site where you can find lot’s of free creativecommons texture for your design. I started to share  quality stuff with you, and of course, I also use for my projects, because it’s fast to reach from every platform. I would like to show you my top referers of course the Google is my friend:) and…

Sunny Bonnell Who based in  United States – Dallas and teaches leaders how to build inspiring and magnetic brands. She serves as the Co-Founder and CEO at Motto. She made an article in awwwards.com.

Niall Patrick Walsh – Hailing from Ireland, Niall is the News Editor at ArchDaily having joined in 2017 as an editorial intern. He is currently based in Dublin, where we works as a graduate architect for BDP, one of the largest firms in the UK and Ireland.

He made and article in archdaily.com with TexturePalace.com textures. He said about us:

One of the most frustrating and time-consuming exercises in using Photoshop is the endless search for high-quality material textures. This demand has led to the creation of many dispersed online libraries, allowing users to download royalty-free, high-resolution textures for almost any material. One such site is TexturePalace, offering an extensive, Flickr-based library with high-quality concrete, timber, steel, and many other textures.  

Also we are in other resources for example you can find us on lynda.com in Nigel French tutorials – who is a French base graphic designer with 20 years experience .

Please if you like quality textures, like us, follow us.  


Hello, my name is Sab. My passion is to make quality textures, and make designs, and share with you.

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