OK, this is the my texture set what i created with my Dslr, The story about these textures: These cracked walls was the first textures what was inspired me to start this texture blog the TexturePalace.com. Firts I shoot these with my old Canon 350D (12megapixel), and nowadays reshoot them with my Nikon (more megapixel:)). And after years i still make textures, and upload it to my texture blog. I also use them for my creative works. The Palace is the perfect place to find them. So please if you like quality free textures, please follow the TexturePalace.com. Of course these textures are also creativecommons license too. All the best:)

Cracked wall 16Cracked wall 15Cracked wall 14Cracked wall 13Cracked wall 12Cracked wall 11Cracked wall 10Cracked wall 09Cracked wall 08Cracked wall 07Cracked wall 06Cracked wall 05Cracked wall 04Cracked wall 03Cracked wall 02Cracked wall 01

Hello, my name is Sab. My passion is to make quality textures, and make designs, and share with you.

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