This is my set of the 10 Mossy Concrete Texture, great if you make designs, for example mossy sidewalk. I made it with my DSLR (21Megapixel sizes). The license is creativecommons. So please if you like quality free textures, please follow the TexturePalace.com. Of course these textures are also creativecommons license too. All the best:)

Hello, this is my 9 Cracked Concrete Wall Texture for your creative work, what I created with my phone. The textures license is Creativecommons.

Hello, also go oustside in a cloudy autumn day, in the morning before work, and made these textures, made with my phone. All of them 12megapixel sizes and free for work textures with CreativeCommons License. Please like it, use it. Thanks.

10 Grey wall texture for design resource. I was on a weekend trip, and made some new texture. All of them high quality and downloadable.

22 Great Wall texture, I share with YOU the Designer,Artist,Photographer, Dreamer, because YOU see the beauty of the textures, when I say textures you…

Hello texture lovers, I hope you will love this new set, you can find the zipped pattern file on the bottom of the page. Seier is an architect living in Copenhagen, shared his fantastic Creative Commons tiletable textures there, and I made you a free Pattern Set for you. These textures are good for game development, and your next web project, or mockup. Really amazed me:) I hope u too.