I looked up in the sky, and I saw these beautiful clouds, so i decided to make some pictures for you. The pictures are 22 megapixel sizes with CreativeCommons License. Please follow, and like TexturePalace:)

Hello texture lovers, here is my morning set. I take a 10 minutes walk to my workoffice, so I decided to make some textures in the walk. This is is my asphalt and ground texture set with great sunlights. The textures are creativecommons licensed, and 12 megapixel size. Please use it, share it.

Hello, here is my next set with 10 black and white colored texture I also use my phone and my DSLR to take pictures. The days when I don’t take with me my DSLR I take picture with my phone, and yes the textures are usable, and cool with that. The textures are 12megapixel size (3000x4000px). The license: CreativeCommons License. Please like it, use it, share it. Thanks.

Hello, also go oustside in a cloudy autumn day, in the morning before work, and made these textures, made with my phone. All of them 12megapixel sizes and free for work textures with CreativeCommons License. Please like it, use it. Thanks.

Hello, I went outside running, and made these textures for you, the textures are great brown colored rocky soil textures, all of them 12megapixel sizes and free for work textures with CreativeCommons License. Please like it, use it. Thanks.

Hi! Lot’s of people asked me what kind of accessory I use? I have an old Canon DSLR Eos350D, and a Nikon DSLR 5200D, and also use my Canon scanner CanoScan 9000F Mark II. I started a new accessory my cellphone. Why I choose it? Because I regularly go running, and I see great textures, the DSLR is so heavy to bring with me:) So I will post some textures with my phone. I tested…

I have given a facebook message from Alexandre who is living in Belgium, and gave us these amazing textures for the license as the TexturePalace.com textures. Alexandre have a great blog the¬†hirespic.com. Alexandre please say something about yourself: “I am a perfectionist and spend about 10 minutes per texture to improve them in post-production. 10 textures x 10 minutes, it’s been almost two hours already. But when you love what you do…” So please like…

Hello texture lovers, here is the next texture set from my friend of my KataandPapi from Australia. They made a trip in Tasmania and made these great textures for here. The textures are free for work. I would like to thank’s for them these great textures. Here you cand find great stone, sandstone wall, beach sand, fossil textures.

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