This is my next CreativeCommons set, for your creative work. I collected it with colors, all of them greenish (old metal door, and asphalt). Created with my DSLR. Please Welcome it.

OK, this is the my texture set what i created with my Dslr, The story about these textures: These cracked walls was the first textures what was inspired me to start this texture blog the TexturePalace.com. Firts I shoot these with my old Canon 350D (12megapixel), and nowadays reshoot them with my Nikon (more megapixel:)). And after years i still make textures, and upload it to my texture blog. I also use them for my…

Hello, here is my November 1 texture set the 9 Wall texture. The textures 12 megapixel sizes with creativecommons license.

9 Brown Ground texture with my Nikon DSLR, good for photomanipulation, or color layer for your photos to looks like vintage. The textures with CreativeCommons License. Please follow, and like TexturePalace:)

9 Brown Ground Texture for Photoshop, I made this with my dslr. Lovely textures for photo manipulation, or photo filter, or for your background…

This is my 23 Ground and Wall texture, what I made it in weekend. Some good ground textures with dust and sand, and some wall textures. The textures are 12 megapixel sizes with CreativeCommons License. Please follow, and like TexturePalace:)

Hello, this is my next texture set for inspiration, the textures are mixed ones. With asphalt, ground,wall,leaves. The textures are creativecommons licensed, and 12 megapixel size. Please use it, share it.

Hello, here is my next set with 10 black and white colored texture I also use my phone and my DSLR to take pictures. The days when I don’t take with me my DSLR I take picture with my phone, and yes the textures are usable, and cool with that. The textures are 12megapixel size (3000x4000px). The license: CreativeCommons License. Please like it, use it, share it. Thanks.